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The Significance of a Fall Protection Program

The Significance of a Fall Protection Program
The United States, Department of Labor's,Occupational Safety and Health Act, under Title 29, of the Code of Federal Regulations, basically assures and enforces healthful and safe working conditions, for the general and construction industry, in the United States. In order to get a better glimpse of the codes for safety and health, workers ought to enroll themselves in a construction safety training course. For instance, through these courses, employees find out that under the OSHA Act, employers have the duty of providing their employees with a place of employment, that's free from any recognizable safety and health hazards. Indeed! It’s the law.

The ANSI and the CSA are organizations made up of consumerss and manufacturers, that establish product performance regulations and standards for fall protection safety. However, these standards are not enforceable as law. Fortunately, though, most of the OSHA regulations are adopted from ANSI standards.

A construction safety training course is an absolute must, for it highlights the pointss that come together, in order to create an effective and a successful fall protection program:

1)Hazard Identification: A well-conceived fall protection program begins with identification of all fall hazards. As a general rule, any time a worker is at a height greater than 4 feet, a fall hazard exists according to OSHA. Where a fall hazard exists, there are two acceptable options, they are to either eliminate the hazard or to provide some form of protection against it.

2)Written Fall Protection Plan: The process of hazard identification is followed by a written program that should be developed, that is very specific when it comes to dealing with the different types of hazards. If standardized operating procedures and safe-work practices can eliminate the hazard, then such procedures should be specified. Where hazard elimination is impossible, the plan should state what fall protection measures are to be used.

3)Product Selection: The employer must be aware of the different types of fall protection products that are available, and should be able to decide which ones are going to prove to be the most suitable for the workplace. For instance, hard hats are put to great use, when they are being used by construction workers. The primary reason for this is that all work environments differ.

4)Training: Without a doubt, every employee, worker and supervisor must enroll themselves in the construction safety training course. The main reason for this is that knowledge and awareness can prove to be the most powerful weapons, when it comes to leading safe and healthy lifestyles.

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