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Welding Hazards in the Workplace

When it comes to dangerous professions, welding is perhaps taking the number one spot off late. Anything can go wrong and result in serious hazards. The hazards related to welding are the leading cause of injuries in construction sites. Most welding accidents in fact could have been prevented if the person was well educated and took the time to follow the safety precautions.

Some of the welding hazards in the workplace are:

1.Noise Hazards – If workers are exposed to constant loud noises it can lead to permanently damage or hearing disabilities. Some studies have also linked to heart disease resulting from high blood pressure and stress, which are the natural reaction to loud noises. All employees according to OSHA must test for noise levels in order to determine the threat it may cause them. Employees must use OSHA approved ear safety protection to prevent these hazards.

2.Electrical Hazards – This is unlikely but possible. There is a possibility that you may suffer from electrical shoc…