Monday, October 25, 2010

Top 10 Violations revealed for 2010

Top 10 Violations revealed for 2010
At the National Safety Council Congress and Expo held in San Diego on the 5th of October, OSHA revealed the ten most cited violations in the year 2010. This session was arranged specially for highlighting the enforcement efforts by the agency for things like fall protection, electric safety, hazard communication and the likes.

The director of OSHA's directorate of enforcement programs, Thomas Galassi, shared with the NSC attendees the top 10 violations. It comes as no surprise that this year’s list was not considerably different from the violations that were listed in the past year.

He says that the degree of consistency in these violations has been maintained from year to year. All these violations are related to falls, contact with equipments and exposure to harmful substances. These violations are as listed below:

1.Accidents related to scaffolds.
2.Lack of fall protection programs or equipments.
3.No proper hazard communication.
4.Lack of respiratory protection.
5.Injuries related to ladders.
6.Lockouts and Tagouts.
7.Improper wiring and electrical methods.
8.Industrial trucks.
9.Electrical injuries.
10.Machine Guarding.

As per statistics, approximately 94,000 citations were made in 2010 by OSHA. The above list of violations represents around 48 to 49 per cent of the total violations that were issued. Galassi believes that these violations are very important. They are like lessons that are learned in the work place.

OSHA 10 hour training sessions teach employees about these citations and violations. They help employees learn how to protect themselves from hazardous situations that they may face at their work places.

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