Monday, December 20, 2010

Common Lockout/Tagout Mistakes

Common Lockout/Tagout Mistakes
Powered equipment is always a big risk if not handled carefully, even while shutting down as well. Numerous needless accidents occur when machines are turned on that is supposed to be locked out.

Lockout or tagout related accidents are a needless yet serious issue. They cause small cuts or scratches but can also result in amputations, fracture or death. Any mechanical energy course, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic or gas can be deadly if they are not controlled.

Some common lockout or tagout mistakes employees make are listed below:

1.Mistake 1: Workers consider that since this job takes only a few minutes they don’t need to use a lock and consider only shutting the equipment controls.

2.Mistake 2: Many a times, workers leave the keys in the lock which is the biggest mistake they can make. Anyone can remove the lock without realizing it is protecting someone’s life.

3.Mistake 3: One most common mistake is to leave your job to another. If the lockout or tagout job is yours, make it a point to do it yourself.

4.Mistake 4: Workers also forget to lock down the main disconnection or switch as well. There are so many good reasons that can cause the machines to operate without anyone pressing the start buttons.

5.Mistake 5: Sometimes, a machine repair person forgets to test the controls to make sure they are inoperative. Nobody should jump right in but take some good time to check if everything is under control.

If you want your organization to stay safe from lockout or tagout hazards, provide your employees with OSHA training courses. The online OSHA training will provide all info about the hazards associated with lockout and tagout and provides measures to control the problem.