Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Different Types of OSHA Inspections

Inspectors are usually sent out to various work sites to check for any violations in safety practices. Other reasons for OSHA inspections include: If a compliance officer suspects any potential danger at a workplace, if an officer has received a complaint or if a tragedy has occurred at a workplace. Through regular inspections, OSHA is able to respond to the complaints that are issued by workers, and this helps to reduce workplace accidents and fatalities. Regular inspections are conducted by OSHA in order to detect violations. Many times, there are re-inspections as well.

There are different types of OSHA inspections held. These are:

1.For Investigation Purposes: OSHA investigates all those accidents that have caused serious injuries and death. As soon as the injury has occurred, the inspection will be carried out so as to get rid of the hazard.

2.Imminent Danger: If a compliance officer feels that a life threatening situation exists at a work site, then he or she can consult the employer and request him to eliminate the danger or evacuate all the workers. If the employer does not comply, he can be taken to a federal district court.

3.Employee Complaint: If an employee feels that their company or employer is violating one or more of the OSHA standards, then he can request OSHA to conduct an inspection.

4.Programmed: OSHA carries out basic inspection at any hazardous work site. These sites are generally selected on the basis of their past accidents and fatality cases.

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